Bake Sale Vendors

Need a great fund raising idea for your non profit group? Do we have a great idea for you! Become a bake sale vendor at Rhubarb Fest! Booth spaces are very affordable and the bake sales items, if they include Rhubarb, always sell out! Pies are the most popular bake sale item and year after year the bake sale vendors sells out of pies. So, if you can bake a great Rhubarb Pie that will be a HOT commodity! People are looking for all kinds of pie as long as it includes Rhubarb. However, you don’t have to make Rhubarb pies, any other Rhubarb baked good is also acceptable. But understand people who come to the Rhubarb Fest are looking for Rhubarb items so if you make regular sugar cookies or brownies, etc they will not sell as well as items with Rhubarb in them. Click on the Bake Sale Vendor form for all the details. If you have questions about being a Rhubarb Bake Sale Vendor call Gene Bear at 309-582-3143.